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Australia, the Outback


The size of a cow


A demon with tusks that kill humans only if their source of food is disturbed



"Oh, yeah? Well, what's a Bunyip? Because it's not good or evil, so what the hell color is that?"
—A frustrated Piper Halliwell flipping through the color-coded Book of Shadows.[src]

A Bunyip is a demon native to Australia, residing primarily in lakes, swamps and rivers of the Outback. Bunyips only kill humans if their source of food is disturbed, drowning them in revenge. They are classified as a neutral creature.[1]


In 1999, after Phoebe Halliwell had a premonition of her future self being burnt at the stake, the Charmed Ones used a spell to travel through time to 2009. The Bunyip was mentioned by Piper when she and Prue were searching the future Book of Shadows for a spell.[2]

In 2000, Phoebe Halliwell mentioned the sisters had used the Bunyip vanquishing spell some time earlier. She later used part of the spell in an attempt to vanquish the Demon of Illusion, though it failed[3].

In 2003, Paige Matthews attempted to categorize the Book of Shadows with various tabs. Piper became frustrated at the chaotic state of the book and mentioned the Bunyip, which, as a neutral creature, had a tab for both good and evil[4].

The Book of Shadows

Bunyip 2


A monstrous creature from Aboriginal land.
The Bunyip lives in swamps, lakes, and
rivers of the Australian Outback. It is
believed to bring disease and is roughly
the size of a cow. Usually the Bunyip
leaves humans alone, but when their source
of food is disturbed they take humans
under the water to their death
in revenge.


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