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Buddha's Mystical Staff
Artifact Information

A mystical staff passed on between the Zodiacs each New Year


To keep the Eternal Cycle in balance


The Zodiac


Buddha's Mystical Staff, also referred to as Buddha's Sacred Staff, is a magical staff which is handed over each year during the Chinese New Year to one of the twelve Zodiacs, next in line, at the end of each eternal cycle, which was set up by the Buddha himself.

The Zodiac who holds the staff will spread his will over the world for the full year, which provides a balance to all things. Consequently, if a demon takes hold of the staff evil will spread. Each year the dark monks try to obtain the staff from the Zodiacs and the only time that a demon could take the staff is in the 12 hour window when the Zodiacs gather to pass it off.


In 2006, the Zodiac that held the staff that year was killed by the demon Novak and his henchdemons, and Piper then has to protect it until she can hand it over to the next Zodiac in line, Dog. The staff is magical and whoever holds the staff infects the surrounding with a part of its character. Piper, when holding the staff, infected everyone with obsessing and Phoebe, when she held it, the will to party. Novak used the staff to brainwash the Charmed Ones into turning on Billie and Lo Pan in an attempt to make 2006 the Year of Evil. ("12 Angry Zen")



  • In an interview at the London Film & Comic Con 2012, Holly Marie Combs said that she took the Staff from set and still has it somewhere in her closet.
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