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Brittany Reynolds
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I've Got You Under My Skin

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No Rest for the Wicca

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"At least we helped those people. I mean, it's nice we know our powers really are good."
Piper after saving Brittany.[src]

Brittany Reynolds was a mortal and the first innocent that Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell ever saved. She was a friend of the sisters beforehand, and was the girlfriend of Max Jones. She went on holiday to Tahiti in 1998, and had a tattoo of an angel done on her hand, since it was illegal to have tattoos on your hands in the United States. After an evening at Quake, Brittany was kidnapped by Javna, who proceeded to suck out her youth through the power of the Evil Eye. As an aged old lady, she lost her memory and wandered the streets of San Francisco until she met Piper outside a church, who recognized her because of her tattoo. After taking her to the Halliwell Manor for her safety, Brittany mentioned Javna and, soon enough, the Halliwell sisters vanquished him using The Hand of Fatima, restoring her youth. She apparently remembered nothing of the event. Unbeknown to everyone, Javna's dark magic remained with Brittany, according to the Once a Mortal... entry in the Book of Shadows, and she either aged dramatically before dying or died of natural causes before her body returned to its elderly state. Her funeral was attended by Piper and Phoebe, who had a premonition of her aged body in the coffin before Piper froze the scene and checked. She was indeed elderly, which confused the sisters. It turned out that Brittany was only the first of many of the Charmed Ones' innocents to die.


Early LifeEdit

Phoebe Halliwell: "Hey, Brittany. Ooh, I love that tattoo... I thought it was illegal to get them on your hand because of the veins."
Brittany Reynolds: "In the States, yeah. I got it done in Tahiti."
— Brittany talking to Phoebe about her tattoo.[src]

Brittany was born into the Reynolds family, a family of mortals, and lived in San Francisco. At an unknown time, she met Max Jones and became his girlfriend. They had also moved in together by late 1998. She went on holiday to Tahiti around that time and had a tattoo of an angel on her hand, which would have been illegal in the United States because of the veins.

I've Got You Under My SkinEdit

Piper Halliwell: "Brittany?"
Brittany Reynolds: "You know me? Is that my name?"
— Piper recognizing Brittany because of her tattoo outside the church.[src]
When Piper and Phoebe talk at Quake, Brittany walks up and hands Piper her check. Phoebe notices her

Brittany's Tattoo

tattoo on her hand and asks if it's not illegal to get them done in the states. Brittany says that she got it done in Tahiti and then tells Piper to keep the change on her bill. As Brittany leaves Quake around 10pm, she gets into her car and checks her makeup in the mirror. When she readjusts her mirror back she sees a man sitting in the back seat. She screams. The next day her boyfriend, Max, shows up at the police station asking Andy and Darryl for any help. He says that it's not like Brittany to not call. Andy mentions that she is the fourth victim in the past week.

An elderly Brittany Reynolds

When Piper drives off from the church, an older woman is seen walking around outside. She scratches her head and an angel tattoo on her hand is revealed. Later when Piper returns to the church to discover that she can in fact walk inside, Piper runs into the same older woman and Piper recognizes the tattoo. The woman can not remember her name but Piper is convinced. She brings her back to the manor and when Prue gets home, Piper has food ready for Brittany. Piper explains to Prue that the elderly woman is Brittany Reynolds and that she was able to answer questions that "only Brittany would know."

Brittany's youth restored

While Piper and Prue are looking for answers in the Book of Shadows, Brittany walks around in the kitchen, downstairs. She recognizes Stefan's address written on a cocktail napkin from Quake. She grabs the napkin and then falls to the floor. Prue and Piper rush to Brittany's side and all she can say is, "Javna." After Javna is vanquished, Brittany's youth is restored as she is laying down in the manor. She is confused about where she is and why she is dressed the way she is.

No Rest for the WiccaEdit

It is stated that Brittany has been killed. As Piper and Phoebe attend her funeral, the sisters see that she was still in a relationship with Max.

When Phoebe touched the coffin she had a premonition of Brittany. She envisioned her in the coffin, extremely elderly, and exactly how Javna left her. Piper couldn't believe it was possible since they vanquished Javna almost a decade ago. To be sure, Piper froze the cemetery and opened the coffin- only to find that Phoebe's premonition was true, Brittany was old again. Piper was convinced that Brittany's death was not caused by natural causes.


  • Brittany Reynold's license plate number was ZJS1723.
  • Brittany is the first innocent saved in the series by the sisters to reappear in the comics and she is killed, like Serena Fredrick the first innocent of the series.


Brittany Reynolds appeared in a total of 1 episode and 1 comic throughout the course of the series.

Season 1
I've Got You Under My Skin
Season 9
No Rest for the Wicca

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