Brett SoulSurvivor
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Dark Brown

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Soul Survivor

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Brian Wedlake


Brett was one of the men Piper Halliwell was going to go on a date with after Leo Wyatt left her to become an Elder. He preceded another date called Ryan. However, both dates were scared off by Wyatt Halliwell.



Wyatt scaring Brett.

After making a date, Brett arrived at the Halliwell Manor to pick Piper up. When Piper opened the door with Wyatt on her arm, Brett reacted surprised. Piper told him it was alright if he wanted to leave, since most guys could not handle dating a woman with a baby. However, Ryan said he was perfectly fine with it as long as she didn't have "ten more of those" somewhere.

When Paige caused an explosion in the attic, Piper turned away and Wyatt used photokinesis to make orbs appear around his eyes in front of Brett to chase him off. Brett was understandably freaked out and ran away. Disappointed, Piper figured he was not alright with her having a child after all.


Brett appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series:

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