Brandon Quinn
Actor Information

Brandon Quinn


Aurora, Colorado, U.S

Birth date

October 7, 1977


Agent Murphy


Season 8


4 Episodes


Brandon Quinn portrayed Agent Murphy in the The WB's Charmed through the eight and final season.


Brandon Quinn Swierenga was born October 7 1977 in Aurora, Colorado, USA. He is 6' 1". He is best known for being a part of Big Wolf on Campus, the short-lived supernatural comedy show as the main character and werewolf, Tommy Dawkins.


  • Express: Aisle to Glory
  • The Nightmare Room
  • Big Wolf On Campus
  • Drake & Josh
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Charmed
  • Without A Trace
  • Vanished
  • The O.C.
  • Entourage
  • Fast Glass
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Against the Wall
  • The Fosters

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