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A Witch's Tail, Part 1


Borneo Demons are a breed of demons that wear tribal-like masks. They wield blowguns that can fire darts that shrink their target. They were once believed to be immune to the powers of witches, which was proven false when Piper Halliwell was able to combust one.


In 2002, Paige Matthews was studying the Borneo Demons with some Witch Doctors. However, one chased her home to the manor and attacked. Using his blowgun, he shot a teddybear and caused its head to shrink. Piper then quickly blew him up, leaving only his mask behind. This surprised Paige, as she believed them to be impervious to magical powers.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers

  • Fading: An energy-based form of teleportation.
  • Shrinking: The ability to reduce the size of objects and beings. Borneo Demons possess darts which can cause their targets to shrink, though it is unknown whether this is a natural power or a poison in the darts.
  • Sensing: The abiliy to sense the location of other beings. The Borneo that attacked the manor was able to track Paige after she orbed there.

Other Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to magical harm. Borneo demons were thought to be immune to magical powers, though as one was vanquished by Piper Halliwell, it is more likely they are simply resistant to weaker powers.



A Borneo Demon appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 5
A Witch's Tail, Part 1