Body Switching Spell
Spell Information

A spell to switch bodies from one location to another


Billie Jenkins




Good Magic


The Body Switching Spell was a spell improvised by Billie Jenkins based on the To Exchange Power spell. It allows the caster to make people switch places.


In 2006, the sisters were being impersonated by the demons Pilar, Patra and Phoenix and were trapped into a Doll House replica of the manor. When they managed to vanquish their leader, Savard, the impostors tried to kill the sisters. However, the by combining their magic, the sisters managed to orb themselves and the dollhouse back to the manor where they sought the help of Billie Jenkins.

The sisters suggested that she'd use the spell to exchange powers, and switch powers with bodies, and improvise. When Billie cast the spell, the Charmed Ones swapped places with the demons, after which Piper blew up the dollhouse, vanquishing them.[1]


To Exchange Bodies

What's theirs is yours,
What's yours is theirs,
I offer up this gift to share,
Switch the bodies through the air.


  • Unlike other methods of body switching, this spell worked by swapping positions between individuals.


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