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Body Swapping Potion
Potion Information

Paige Matthews


An accidental potion that allows the creater to swap bodies with another person


Most ingredients are unknown, except for powdered toadstool


Good Magic


The Body Swapping Potion was a potion accidentally created by Paige Matthews while practicing her magic. To use the potion, one has to express the desire to be someone else or oneself again while adding the last ingredient.


New to the Halliwell family, Paige was urged to learn magic quickly by her sisters. While brewig a potion with little care to the ingredients, she expressed her desire to be like Phoebe as she threw in powdered toadstool, causing both sisters to collapse and switch bodies.

With help from Piper, Paige was eventually able to recreate the potion, switching back bodies with Phoebe. Piper later used the same spell to switch bodies with the Zen Master, who was kidnapped by his former student Yen Lo.[1]



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