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Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay, California

Bodega Bay, located on the Pacific Ocean, is a rocky inlet situated about 40 miles Northwest of San Francisco. It was discovered in 1775 by the Spanish Peruvian explorer of the Spanish Navy Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra, after whom it is named.

Give Me A Sign Spell6BodegaBay

Bane Jessup's home in Bodega Bay

Bane Jessup was constructing homes there, planning to live there when they were finished.[1] However, he was put in jail by the Charmed Ones before he could even finish the homes.[2]

Bane kidnapped Prue Halliwell hoping she would assist him in vanquishing an Upper-Level Demon known as Litvack and kept her in a house he was building in lot 827 in Bodega Bay.


  • Dan Gordon is from Bodega Bay.
  • There is a Leonardo’s Boutique.

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