An invisible Paige bleeding.

Blood is a liquid biological substance in organisms, like humans, that carries oxygen throughout the body. According to the Book of Shadows, warlocks do not bleed when wounded, implying they do not have blood in their bodies. The substance is drunk by vampires, who require it in order to survive, and it is also used in several spells and potions, either for blessing or as an actual ingredient.

The warlock Nicholas possessed the power to boil blood and kill his victims from the inside. When alchemists transmute an individual's blood, previous spells or potions based on that blood will be rendered ineffective, as was the case with the Belthazor vanquishing potion.

Individual Information

In Witches

"Wait, are you saying that our powers are in our blood and he injected himself with it?"
Phoebe discovers that their powers are in their blood.[src]

In witches, their powers appear to be in their blood, which explains how powers are passed down, so, should a mortal infuse their blood with the blood of a witch, they gain their powers.[1]

In Innocents

The blood of the innocents was used as an ingredient to revive the Source of All Evil.

In Demons

"... upper level demons have a human form, and they bleed red, not green."
Cole Turner telling the Charmed Ones about demon blood.[src]

Upper-Level demons have red blood, while Lower-Level Demons like Scavenger Demons bleed green.[2] However, the Source of All Evil bled black.[3] When a Demonic Alchemist transmutes the blood of a demon, it renders all potions and spells derived from demon's original blood useless.[4]

In Warlocks

"Warlocks don't bleed, so if there’s no blood you've got your answer."
Phoebe Halliwell telling her sisters how to test for a warlock.[src]

Warlocks, or, at least, some warlocks do not bleed when wounded or their body is pierced, implying they have no need for blood.[5]

In Gypsies

"Okay, we're gonna need some henbane, gypsy's blood and hemlock root."
Pilar (disguised as Piper Halliwell) listing the ingredients for a potion to vanquish the Slave King.[src]

The blood of a gypsy is used as an ingredient in several potions, including the vanquishing potion used by Pilar, Phoenix and Patra on the Slave King and the To Separate a Witch from Her Powers potion.

In Vampires

Vampires require blood to survive, and use their long, sharp fangs to draw it from the veins and arteries of human beings. Should vampires drink blood while in bat form, it converts the victim to become one of their own.

Spells and Potions


Paige Matthews: "We still don't know how to find him."
Piper Halliwell: "I wounded him. You should be able to scry with his blood."
— Piper and Paige talking about Barbas.[src]

Blood can also be used by witches and warlocks in the art of scrying. The blood of the demon or person sought is applied to the scrying crystal, which is then swung over a map.