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  • Rebekah Bloody Mikaelson

    So I noticed when cupids first appeared in 2x10 Piper froze Dan but the cupid didn't freeze, but Piper had also learned to freeze slectively so idk.....

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  • Dragonfly82

    I am mostly confused on why some Movie Studios could think some movies are considered as a failure if they did not profit on domestic revenue while they did on the global revenue. Why is the problem? So your country didn't like your movie. Why should that matter? You still did get the money from other countries? I have heard that now many Movie Studios has said even if the domestic revenue is still very important, they will have more focus on the global revenue.

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  • Charmdozo


    Some fun news for everyone who loves Charmed and the comics. A new comic series has been announced by by Dynamite comics. So far nothing is known about the series, except that it will be published in 2017.


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  • Charmdozo

    New GIF creator

    November 16, 2016 by Charmdozo

    Hello everyone,

    I was curious if there are any active users who are able and willing to create some new high quality (logoless) GIFs for the wiki. I noticed that several pages are lacking smooth, good quality GIFs, for example the Power Absorption page.


    If there are any users willing, I was hoping to make this blog a request list.

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  • Dragonfly82

    Could Santa Claus be real in Charmed? Also the exposure of presents. When I watch the first episode and they are oblivious to that they are not just mortal women and Piper's fiance is likely the reason to why Grams did end up dead, wants to kill them to get their powers and Heaven and Hell do really exist

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  • Eric Jenkins

    Okay so we seen that the Charmed One will eventually grow into super all powerful witch (possibly Invincible). But what do you guys think their ultimate form will be like?

    Paige would probably be like Wyatt (Twiced Blessed) Maybe like a Pregnant Piper with her orb shields, possibly self healing ?

    Piper was able to manipulate Molecules with her mind? So she is basically a marvel level Omega Pheonix type mutant. She probably can even reconstitute herself.

    Phoebe could just fly -.-' (So much wasted potential) But she will eventually turn into what Kyra is (in terms of vision). And her empathy abilities will probably be on par with her Goddess incarnation but with all emotions, not to mention the mimicry and psychic reflection. 

    Prue would probabl…

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  • Claire Mikaelson

    This is my first time doing a blog so it may not turn out as great. Basically its more a "what would you" type of blog.

    Ok. On Wikipedia (not sure how accurate it is) it says Piper has 9 grandchildren. So i was wondering what would you name these 9 kids? Except Matthew and Prudence who already have names.

    Mine would be: in parentheses is the parent.

    1. Matthew (Wyatt) 14

    2. Daniel (Wyatt) 13

    3. Charlotte (Chris) 13 - i like the idea of one of them naming their child after the woman who gave birth to Melinda Warren

    4. Penelope (Melinda) after Penny/Grams 12

    5.  Miranda (Chris) 11

    6. Emily (Wyatt) 11

    7.  Patricia (Melinda) after Patty 10

    8. Bennett (Chris) - after Victor Bennett 8

    9. Prudence (Melinda) 8

    I know one page says Prudence is youngest at age …

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  • Eric Jenkins

    Phoebe Spell Casting

    October 16, 2016 by Eric Jenkins

    Did she cast a spell to summon Grams in the episode The Magic Hour. She technically did a rhymed, and it was a poem.She could've unintentionally summon Grams, and Grams words afterwards seems to suggest that she  did. 

    "I curse you, you curse me, let's get together and do a little cursing."

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  • TotallyHalliwell

    Hey! I'm actually working in my own wikia for a french fanfiction of the Next Generation of Warren and i'm actually block on something. This is why I need your help :)

    The younger daughter of Phoebe, Paris posses the power of Premonition and I wanted to gave another development power from her mother. But I have any idea, so could give some powers which could work and linked to Premonition, please?

    Thanks for your help, and I hope you could help me.

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  • Dragonfly82

    I found something where you could rank the Seasons of Charmed.

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