Bladed Gloves
Artifact Information

Gloves with two or three razor-sharp blades attached to them


Bladed Gloves are leather gloves with two or three razor-sharp blades attached to them. Certain breeds of demons, such as Celerity Demons and Raptor Demons, use them as deadly weapons in combination with their incredible speed.


After capuring several guardian angels, including the one protecting Paige, the demon Sarpedon went after Piper and Phoebe at the manor. He managed to fatally stab both of them, though Piper was able to blow him up in the process.[1]

A Raptor Demon sent by Zankou used his blade to kill Tim Cross, a classmate of Phoebe's, so Zankou and an Alchemist could use him against Phoebe as the Undead.[2]




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