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Binding Potion
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The Warren Line


A potion to temporarily bind the powers of magical beings


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"Alright, here you go. It'll bind your powers, it won't strip them but it'll bind them."
Piper to Tyler as she hands him the potion.[src]

The Binding Potion is described in an entry in the Warren Book of Shadows. The potion causes the powers of a magical being to be bound, meaning that they can no longer be used. The potion can be drank or thrown at to take effect and can be reversed.


Piper and Phoebe Halliwell used two vials of the potion at Paige Matthews's past incarnation, the Evil Enchantress, to bind her powers and preserve history.[1]

Piper brew this potion for the young firestarter named Tyler Michaels to keep him safe, as his powers were highly desired by demons.[2] She made another one that same year for Phoebe and her unborn baby to bind their powers, but the baby sensed the potion and stopped her.[3] Years later, Tyler's powers became unbound under duress when he was attacked by demons.[4]

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