Billy Waters
Biographical information

1999; parking lot in Federal Building

Physical description




Family information
Family members

Laura (fiancée)

Character information
Only appearance

The Wendigo

Portrayed By

Billy Jayne

"Amazing. You know, I’ve been tracking this thing for two months and in one night you’re a PHD in Wendigo."
—Billy to Piper.[src]

Billy Waters was a mortal man who lost his fiancée Laura to a Wendigo. After her death, he became obsessed with hunting and killing it. During this time, he met Agent Fallon, though he was unaware of her true nature.


When Piper Halliwell was trying to change her flat tire, a Wendigo attacked her and Billy scared the beast off by firing a flare gun. When he visited the hospital, he revealed how the Wendigo had killed his fiancée and that he figured out it feared fire.

After Piper checked the Book of Shadows, she met with Billy at Quake and told him what she learned about the Wendigo, including that it looked human during the day. Billy later met with Agent Fallon. When he lit a cigarette in front of her, she flinched at the sight of the flame. Billy then realized she was the Wendigo and she killed him by snapping his neck. His death was later avenged by the Charmed Ones.


Billy Waters appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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