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Chick Flick

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Bride and Gloom

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Chris Payne Gilbert


Billy Appleby is a protagonist of Phoebe's favorite movie "Kill It Before It Dies" and also her first love.


The Demon of Illusion invaded his film-world and accidentally brought him to the real world temporarily until he was helped by the Charmed Ones and was placed back into the movie.

During his brief stint in reality, Billy opened Phoebe's heart and she continues, presumably to this day, to watch the video of 'Kill It Before It Dies' that Prue bought her. Phoebe used make up to color Billy, as he had come into the real world just as he was in the movie (in black and white). Billy developed an attraction to Phoebe (which was more than reciprocated), but he eventually returned to be with his on-screen girlfriend, Sally Mae, back in the film-world.

Billy was very sensitive to bad language and became very angry whenever one of the sisters was disrespected (most notably by the Demon of Illusion) and also very protective of women in dire situations. He was unharmed by attacks by the other beings brought out of films by the demon, since he could only die if and how his movie script for 'Kill It Before It Dies' dictated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Invulnerability: Billy was immune to all kinds of harm in the real world and could not be killed.



  • Cole Turner attempted to seduce Phoebe and researched her passion for the movie. Billy's surname was revealed in that episode. ("Once Upon a Time")


Billy Appleby has appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.

Season 2
Chick Flick
Season 3
Bride and Gloom

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