Billie Writes Book
Billie Jenkins's Book of Shadows
Artifact Information

Billie's personal Book of Shadows; contains spells, potions, and magical notes on the Halliwell sisters


Billie Jenkins


Billie Jenkins


This Book of Shadows belongs to Billie Jenkins and contains spells, potions and magical notes on the history of the Charmed Ones.


During her training by the Charmed Ones, Leo suggested to Billie that she began writing her own Book of Shadows as a record of her magical experiences. Billie copied useful spells and potions from the Halliwell Book of Shadows, and also wrote down extensive notes about their history and the evils they fought.

In the time leading up to the Ultimate Battle, the demon Dumain took the book from Billie and used the information about the Charmed Ones' weaknesses to distract them from saving innocents.[1]



Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The book was sold on eBay after the show ended by "It's a Wrap".


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