Between Worlds
Powerful emotions wield terrifying force…
Novel Information
Written by

Bobbi JG Weiss and Jacklyn Wilson

Published by

Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)

ISBN Number

0-7434-6252-1 / 9780743462525


Season 4

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Truth and Consequences


Between Worlds is the 20th book of the Charmed novels.

The novel takes place from October 30—November 1, thus placing it between Season 4 Episode 6 A Knight to Remember and Episode 12 Lost and Bound. This places it ahead of several other novels chronologically even though it was published several months later.


Breath of air, soul of fire,
Grant this night my heart's desire.
Womb of earth, tears of sea,
Bring my lover back to me.

The Halliwell sisters are no strangers to Halloween hijinks. But this year, the Wiccan celebration of Samhain is met with a rash of destruction throughout the city. Upon further investigation, the Charmed Ones learn that the demolished buildings they've heard about are actually melting. These sires are in fact the location of dimensional portals, and they're under attack.

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige will need to secure these barriers in order to prevent all havoc from being released. But the demon working against them is no ordinary monster; it's a wraith, the product of a grief-stricken young witch seeking to resurrect her lost love. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…






Magical Notes


Spell to Restore a Riven Heart

Breath of air, soul of fire
Grant this night my heart's desire
What once was lost, restore to me
Womb of earth, tears of sea.



  • The book never specifies whether or not Cole is still Belthazor at this point, as he is never in a position where he would have to use his powers if he possessed them. Although he did speak about the possibility of becoming a demon again, when C.K. said 'You all have powers?', she wasn't corrected, which could mean that Cole was just referring to becoming a demon in the sense of having to give in to his demon side to draw on its full powers.


  • Paige implies that she has already received the power to heal; however, she does not actually activate this power until season 8.


Russian: Mježdu mirami (Between worlds)

French: Entre deux mondes (Between Two Worlds)

Spanish (Spain): Entre dos mundos (Between Two Worlds)