Ben Grant
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Hurricane Hex


Ben Grant is a character who appears in the novel Hurricane Hex. He is married to Sharon Grant.


Ben is married to Sharon Grant. Unlike his wife, he does not believe in magic and always ignores Margaret's eccentric "stories". When Sharon begins dabbing in magic herself, Ben tries to make her stop to no avail. Desperate for help, he calls Sharon's old friend from college, Paige Matthews, for help.

With Hurricane George brewing in the distance, Ben places protection details around the house for the duration of the storm. When Sharon and Margaret's magical artifacts start causing unseen catastrophic effects due to the energies colliding with the hurricane, Ben has no choice but to help rid the house of the objects. After surviving the disaster and marital advice from the Halliwell sisters, Ben and Sharon work out their problems.

Physical descriptionEdit

Ben is six feet tall with wavy dark hair and arresting blue eyes, with a handsome tanned face that is unmarred by creases except around his eyes when he smiles. He wears casual tan slacks and a light blue short-sleeve shirt hung perfectly on his lean yet muscular frame.


Ben Grant has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.

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