Ben Bragg
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Eric Bragg (son)

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They're Everywhere

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Jim Antonio


Ben Bragg is the father of Eric Bragg. He found out prominent pieces of the puzzle to the Akashic Records; a lost legend that predicted the future, though the Collectors stole his memory and left him catatonic before he could finish.



Ben reunited with his son.

Ben was admitted to a hospital, where Phoebe Halliwell was volunteering. His son Eric figured out the puzzle to the Akashic Records himself. The Collectors kidnapped Ben to force him to make a trade. Eric destroyed the records to keep people from ever translating its text before threatening to kill himself to destroy his mind where the information now lied. However, the Collectors tricked him and swallowed Eric's memories as well until the Charmed Ones arrived and vanquished them. Both Ben and Eric then regained most of their memories, though the Akashic Records became a lost memory.


Ben Bragg appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.