Spell Information

A rite of fertility to produce a child.


A human sacrifice, ritual oils, white robes and magical objects.


Druid Magic


Beltane is an ancient rite of fertility mentioned in the Charmed novel The Legacy of Merlin by Niall Oldman.


Before King Arthur rose to power, it was practiced on midsummer's day every year to celebrate the union between the Sun God and the Queen of Summer. King Arthur banned the ritual as it required a human sacrifice, and found it barbaric.

Diana Jones wanted to perform this ritual as she believed that Merlin's power flowed through Niall's veins and that a child with Niall's blood belonging to her would make her powerful. An old woman named Blodwen Jeffries was chosen to be the sacrifice. Once the Charmed Ones found out about Diana's plan, they plotted to interrupt it.

The RitualEdit


  • Ritual Oils
  • Magical Objects
  • Human trapped within a Wicker Giant
  • White Robes for the Man and Woman

A man is chosen to represent the Sun God and a woman to represent the Summer Queen. They are prepared with spells and chants for twelve days before. Then finally, on Midsummer's day, they are anointed with the ritual oils, clad in the ritual robes, and brought to the standing stones. The purpose of the rite is to make a child; to renew the year at the moment when it starts to wane; to continue the cycle of life.

A wicker giant is built and the sacrifice is imprisoned within the giant. It was later to be set alight along with the sacrifice.

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