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Banishing a ghost
Banishing a Ghost
Potion Information

The Warren Line


A potion to banish spirits by pouring it on their remains


Pomegranate seeds, fine paste, comfry root, blood meal, clematis seed, dried rhubarb leaf


Good Magic


Banishing a Ghost is an entry in the Warren Book of Shadows that describes a potion meant to banish spirits by pouring the potion on their remains.


Banishing a GhostEdit

To Banish a ghost
to oblivion pour
this mixture over
the departed bones
a palmful of pomegranate seeds
ground into a fine paste
a pinch of comfry root
a pinch of blood meal
a pinch of clematis seed
a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf
Mix well, add a chalice of
Twice Blessed water and boil.


  • This potion has been made in three episodes, but were never actually used.[1]
  • This potion was used in the Charmed novel Trickery Treat to banish the spirit of Sheldon Winters.


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