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Charmed awards and nominations
Awards won 18
Nominations 30

Awards WonEdit

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences:

  • Longest-running hour-long series featuring all female leads (2006)
ASCAP Award:Edit
  • Top Television Series, Jay Gruska (1999)
  • Top Television Series, Tim Truman (1999)

BAFTA/LA Britannia Award:

Cult TV Awards:Edit
  • Top 100 Cult TV Shows — voted #44

Cable Guide Award (UK):

  • Favourite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Series (2001)

EDGE Awards:

Family Television Awards:

Golden Tater Award:

  • Show You'll Miss the Most — voted #5 (2006)

Hollywood Post Alliance Awards:

  • Outstanding Audio Post in Television, Greg Stacy, Mark Petersen, Mike Cook, Craig Dellinger, and Jeff Clark, "Kill Billie: Vol. 2"(2006)

Producers Guild of America Award:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Television, Aaron Spelling (2000)

RATTY Awards:

Series Magazine Awards:

  • Series of the Year (2005)
  • Best Fantasy/SciFi Series (2005)
  • Best Television Actress, Holly Marie Combs (2005)

Tubey Awards:

  • The Jennifer North Memorial Citation For Pathetic Bleach-Blonde Bimbo Most In Need of a Fatal Overdose, Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco) (2006)

TV Land Award:

  • Pioneer Award, Aaron Spelling (2005)

Young Artist Award:


Cult TV Festival Award:

  • Best Returning Satellite Series (2003)

Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award:

Image Award:

  • Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series, Janice Cooke Leonard (2006)

International Horror Award:

  • Best Television Series (1999)
  • Best Television Series (2005)

Kids Choice Awards:

RATTY Awards:

  • Best Directing in a Science Fiction Series, John T. Kretchmer, "Something Wicca This Way Comes" (1999)[5]
  • Best Science Fiction Series (2001)
  • Best Lead Actress in a Science Fiction Series, Holly Marie Combs (2001)
  • Best Ensemble in a Science Fiction Series (2001)
  • Best Lead Actress in a Science Fiction Series, Holly Marie Combs (2002)[6]
  • Worst Performer, Kaley Cuoco (2006)

Saturn Award:

Spacey Awards:

  • Favourite Female TV Character, Alyssa Milano (2004)

TP de Oro (Spain):

  • Best Foreign Series (Mejor Serie Extranjera) (2004)

Television Critics Association Award:

  • Career Achievement Award, Aaron Spelling (2000)

TV Guide Award:

  • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Series (2000)

Teen Choice Award:

  • Television - Choice Drama (1999)
  • Television - Choice Drama (2000)
  • Television - Choice Actress, Alyssa Milano (2006)

Wand Awards:

  • Best Fight, Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty (2001)
  • Best Sobfest, "Just Harried" (2001)
  • Best New Cast Member, Rose McGowan (2002)

Young Artist Award:

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