Aviva Diary Entry
Aviva's Diary
Artifact Information

A personal diary to describe life events and feelings




This Diary belonged to Aviva, a teenage witch who was used as a pawn by the Demonic Sorceress known as Kali. Kali used Aviva in an attempt to destroy the Charmed Ones and steal their powers.


Prue Halliwell stumbled upon Aviva's diary after a series of events led Prue to visit Aviva's aunt Jackie in the hospital. Jackie told Prue about strange occurrences involving Aviva and how she would hear Aviva talking to someone in her room when she was supposedly alone. Prue asked Jackie if she could go to her apartment to collect a few of Aviva's things because she was staying with the Halliwell's while Jackie was in the hospital.

At the apartment, Prue found the diary which revealed Aviva was being told to pose as a friend of the sisters in an attempt to take over the "Halliwell Coven".[1]

An EntryEdit

Dear Diary,
All I want is to belong,
to not feel alone
all the time
Maybe being a witch,
having Kali's power
will finally give me
the sisters I wanted.
Kali says we are close to
taking over the Halliwell
I hate lying to them.


  1. As seen in "The Fourth Sister".

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