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2009; the Nexus of the All

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Artificial Creatures

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Rennek (creator)

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The Old Witcheroo

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The Power of 300


Automatons were artificial creatures, created by Rennek to attack those who threatened him and The All. Phoebe's Empathy power revealed to her the creature's true nature when she attempted to use her power on one of them. She also discovered, much to her annoyance, that the creatures lacked both emotions and memories, which rendered her power of Psychic Reflection useless against them.


Two automatons were seen pampering Rennek while he sat by a pool; another was seen advising him on how to deal with his magical affairs.


The automatons going to battle.

After learning from a seer named Alexi how Rennek took over the world's magic, the Charmed Ones gathered a magical army to take back the Nexus of The All. However, they found that Rennek had transformed the Nexus into a hugh dome.

To get a closer look, Phoebe levitated to the highest point of the Nexus. Just then, Rennek opened the dome and released his army of automatons. The sisters and their allies engaged the automatons in combat and the artificial beings were later destroyed when Prue took control of the nexus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Flight: All Automatons seemingly have the power of flight.
  • Merging: Automatons can physically merge with each other to become one powerful being.


Automatons appeared in a total of 5 comic issues throughout the series.

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