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A soul energy that surrounds a person


Reveals whether beings are good or evil and can be manipulated

"Demons can sense the Source's aura. It's how he reminds us of his power, his reach. Maybe if I focus on it…"
Cole Turner discussing auras.[src]
An Aura is the soul energy that surrounds a person. Good auras glow gold depending on how much good that person creates, while evil auras are black.[1]

Notable OccurrencesEdit

  • Grimlocks are demons which steal the eyesight of children so they can see a person's aura. They then seek out sources of good with the strongest auras, and kill them by choking them with their own aura.[2]
  • In 2001, when Paige Matthews was partially taken over by The Source and turned evil, Phoebe looked at her through enchanted glasses and spoke of how her aura appeared black.[3] Cole also mentioned that all demons can sense the aura of the Source.
  • When Paige Matthews traveled to the sixties by accident, she witnessed her grandmother casting an Aura Cleanse spell.[4]


Auras and Grimlocks

An entry on Auras and Grimlocks

(Book of Shadows text:)


The Soul Energy that every
Human possesses.
Its Strength is determined by the amount
of Goodness a Person creates.
(See also: Grimlocks)


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