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Artifact Information

A ceremonial knife used to redirect energy


To kill and vanquish magical beings and steal their powers

Andy: "That woman up there, I bet she was killed with an athame."
Darryl: "Wrong. Double edged steel knife."
Andy: "Right. That's an athame. It's a ceremonial tool. Witches use them to direct energy."
Andy Trudeau and Darryl Morris at the crime scene.[src]

An Athame is a double edged ceremonial knife that witches often use to direct energies in their daily practices and rituals.

Warlocks generally use athames in their ambitions to kill witches in order to obtain their powers. Though, demons such as Belthazor also enjoyed killing witches with athames, he had several in his altar, and was also able to summon them.

There's a unique type of athame, which serves to strip someone of their powers when killing the person, called a Power-Sucking Athame. It differs from normal athames as powers are stored and can be used when equipped with the athame, while normal ones just instantly transfer the power from the victim into the warlock. They can also be used to scry if the blade is smeared with the blood of the target.


Something Wicca This Way Comes

The warlock Jeremy Burns used an athame to kill his targets and take their powers. He used his athame to kill Serena Fredrick and later channeled her power through the blade to trap the Charmed Ones in a circle of fire.[1]

The Rowe Coven owned an athame, which Prue Halliwell came into possession of following their deaths and used on another team of warlocks.[2][3]

Athames are shown to be a powerful weapon to kill and wound strong demons. In one instance, Piper used Belthazor's own athame to stab and remove some of his flesh for a vanquishing potion.[4] A year later, this event was mirrored with Paige, as well as Belthazor using his athame to vanquish Sykes.[5] Another vanquish by athame was when Piper vanquished the Devil guardian of the Hollow.[6]

Gideon summoned an athame to fatally stab the future Chris Halliwell and then cursed it to penetrate the force field shielding the infant Wyatt Halliwell.[7] While demon-hunting, Billie Jenkins also often used an athame.[8]


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