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Astral Premonition
Power Information

Receive visions of the future while simultaneously astrally projecting into said future


Touching an object related to a future event




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Astral Premonition is the ability to project one's consciousness into a future event, either as a physical astral form or through the body of one's future-self; allowing the user to experience a premonition first-hand. It is an advanced form and a combination of Premonition and Astral Projection and is the closest a Charmed One has gotten to naturally being able to time travel.

The only known user of this power is Phoebe Halliwell. It is an advanced form of her precognitive abilities, which allows her to astral project into the future time-frame she is seeing.


With this ability Phoebe can:

  • Get more detailed information about the future than in classic Premonitions.
  • Stay within the future for extended periods of time.
  • Talk to the future version of herself and learn more about her own future.


  • If injured in the premonition, the wound will appear on Phoebe's body in the present.
  • Although she can now receive regular Premonitions on command, Phoebe has never summoned an Astral Premonition.


"Premonition. Major premonition. I'm in the future."
Phoebe having her first Astral Premonition.[src]

The first time Phoebe used this power, she astral projected into her future body and possessed it for 17 seconds. This allowed her to gather detailed information about the future. During her visit, she was able to interact with other people and vice versa.

However, before she could make contact with her sisters Orin shot her with his eye beams, causing her to immediately jump out of the future and back into her present body, taking the injuries she received with her. Before she collapsed she saw that she suffered from the same wound as her future self.[1]

Phoebe can also have Astral Premonitions while she's sleeping. In fact, the second Astral Premonition she had was while she was dreaming. The Sandman triggered this particular Astral Premonition by touching her hand, causing her sub-conscious/astral-self to exit her dream and enter the future for 6 seconds. During her very short visit, she saw the Sandman being killed. When she woke up, he assured her it wasn't a dream and The Elders later confirmed it was in fact a Premonition.[2]

The third time she used this power she astral projected into the future in a separate corporeal body for one minute and 21 seconds. It was her longest visit to the future under her own power. During her visit, she had a conversation with the future version of herself. Her future self-assured her that she will eventually have the daughter she foresaw in one of her classic Premonitions.[3]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Phoebe Halliwell is the only character with this ability. She has used it three times.
  • Phoebe describes the effects of this power as being in two places at once.
  • Phoebe was stunned at how much her ability had advanced.
  • It's unknown if Phoebe has the same limitations with her astral self that her sister Prue had.
  • It's unknown if Phoebe could astral project to the past. However, it is a possibility if this power advances like her standard Premonitions did.
  • Phoebe's last premonition in the TV series was an Astral Premontion.


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