As Puck Would Have It
As Puck Would Have It
Life just got a little trickier…
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Paul Ruditis

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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As Puck Would Have It is the 34th novel in the Charmed novel series.

It takes place between Season 6 Episode 6 "My Three Witches" and Episode 13 "Used Karma", as Phoebe is still dating Jason, but he is in Hong Kong.


Three sisters sent on a wild goose chase—
A mystery to solve, a demon to face.
To save a soul before time runs out,
Learn when to trust and when to doubt!

It's tough to get good service these days—at least if you're a Charmed One. Piper has an odd altercation with a housekeeper, Phoebe receives some strange advice from a computer technician, and Paige witnesses the questionable wilderness skills of her hiking guide all in the same day. The sisters come to the conclusion that magic must be to blame. They soon deduce that the mythological and literary troublemaker Puck has decided to pay them a visit. Just as they realize who is responsible for all the chaos, Puck—who is as curious as he is mischievous—appears and announces that he has devised a plan that will let him see the Power of Three in action: The circus has come to town, and he knows of an Innocent in need of protection.

At the circus the three sisters must find the one in peril while a devilish, shape-shifting Puck leaves them second-guessing their every move. With an unknown Innocent in danger and time running out, will the Charmed Ones be able to outsmart Puck and defeat evil before it's too late?






  • Leo Wyatt: The sisters' Whitelighter and Piper's husband.
  • Goulahga: A demon who almost destroyed the Halliwell Manor the day before Paige went on her weekend camping trip. They had difficult time keeping him at bay before they finished making the vanquishing potion. The sisters named him the "Goo Demon", supposedly because of his ectoplasmic residue left behind by the vanquish.
  • Elise Rothman: The editor-in-chief of The Bay Mirror.
  • Jason Dean: Phoebe's boyfriend and the owner of The Bay Mirror.


  • This isn't the first novel in which the Charmed ones have helped Innocents at a circus; they also did so in The Gypsy Enchantment.
  • Leo does not appear in the story, but Puck does turn into him briefly to send Piper away, and then arrange for "caretakers" to tend to Wyatt.

Differences from the ShowEdit

  • Leo is still with Piper (though he doesn't appear in the novel) and there is no mention of Chris Halliwell.