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Arnold Halliwell
Biographical information

1998; his office

Physical description




Character information
Only appearance

The Witch is Back

Portrayed By

Terry Bozeman

"They want to countersue? Fine, bring it on, I'll eat 'em alive. Plus, we can double bill and get away with it. "
—Arnold on the phone.[src]

Arnold Halliwell was a mortal lawyer in San Francisco. He was murdered by the warlock Matthew Tate, who believed him to be the brother of the Charmed Ones due to him having the same last name. Matthew stormed into his office, demanding to know where 'his sisters' were and then killed him using Prue's power of Telekinesis.


Arnold Halliwell appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 1
The Witch is Back

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