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Lost and Bound[1]

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The Reason


The Archai are a race of powerful elemental beings, often mistaken for Firestarters. Because of their abilities, they were hunted by both Good and Evil and were believed to be extinct. Tyler Michaels learned he was an Archai after manifesting new powers.


Because of their ability to burn holes in reality, the Archai were hunted down by good and evil beings and were presumed to be eliminated in the early 1100s. When Tyler Michaels began developing portal creation powers in 2010, he and Paige Matthews learned he was in fact an Archai, not a Firestarter as previously believed.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Portal Creation: The ability to create portals to other worlds, dimensions or planes. Archai can travel through planes by burning holes in reality.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and/or control fire with the mind.

Book of ShadowsEdit


Paige reading the entry.

The Archai

An extinct race of incredibly powerful beings, often mistaken for Firestarters. After being hunted by both good and evil forces, the Archai were eliminated in the early 1100s because of their power to use the elements to burn holes in reality. Once the Archai could control the blaze within, they could naturally manipulate nature's fabric to travel to any and all planes of existence.


  1. Although this was not revealed until "Love is a Burning Thing"
  2. "Love is a Burning Thing"

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