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Apprentice Demon
Biographical information

2004; Halliwell Manor

Physical description



The Underworld


Corr and Clea

Character information
Only appearance

Witch Wars

Portrayed By

Steve Cell

"Oh, the witches. The one last night, she put on a great show, she shot fire from her hands, and-and she put up a great fight."
—Apprentice Demon.[src]

The Apprentice Demon was a demon who worked for Corr and Clea and assisted with their gameshow.



The apprentice tortured.

After Gideon set the sisters on the trail of a demon killing witches to keep them from discovering his secret, Paige and Chris captured the apprentice demon and used a Crystal Cage to interrogate him. When the demon finally talked, Paige was convinced he was lying and vanquished him, though Leo later revealed he was actually telling the truth.


The Apprentice Demon appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 6
Witch Wars

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