Animal Transformation Potion
Potion Information

A potion that allows witches to turn others into animals


Good Magic


The Animal Transformation Potion is a potion that allows witches to turn others into animals. The required ingredients as well as the original creator are both unknown. The potion presumably turns the target into an animal based on the witch's choice. It can be reversed with another potion.


Phoebe used this potion thrice on Spencer Ricks. The first time she turned him into a turkey under effect of a curse placed on her by a Witch Doctor[1], the second time into a turkey again out of annoyance, but quickly changed him back; the third time she changed him into a pig to get past him.[2]

Piper Halliwell once used this potion to turn a bunch of reporters intruding the manor into rats.[3]



  • The way the sisters use this potion, most notably Phoebe, is a prominent example of personal gain.
  • Phoebe once wrote a spell To Turn Humans into Animals, which had a similar effect to this potion.


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