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Leeza's amulet
Amulet of Protection
Artifact Information

The amulet was cut in two.


To protect the wearer.


Good Magic


The former owners Leeza and Janna were both killed; the current owners are unknown




These two Magical Amulets are two halves of an ancient protective charm. Separately, these amulets are very powerful, capable of projecting a shield that protects the user from all but the most evil and powerful of demons. However, when joined together wth a spell, the protection is more than doubled, granting the wearer invincibility. The amulets can only be used by good.

The amulets were divided between two local San Francisco covens of witches for safe keeping. The bearers of the amulets were always kept secret, even from the Elders. In 2001, one half of the amulet was guarded by Leeza, who was killed by the demon Raynor. The other half guarded by Janna, who was killed by Belthazor after she lost the amulet. However, it is unknown what became of the amulets after this, though they were presumably destroyed. ("Exit Strategy")

Book of ShadowsEdit


The entry on the amulets and the spell to activate them.

Magical Amulets
The Amulets are two halves of an
Ancient charm. On their own, they are
extremely powerful, offering a shield
against all but the most Evil Demons.
Only great strength can overcome them.
The Amulets are useless to anyone Evil,
they are for the use of Good and Good
alone. Whoever joins the two Amulets
together, more than doubles the protection,
they become invincible.
When the Amulets are brought
together, they need to be Activated by the
following Spell to release their Power.
Activation Spell
Evil is approaching
Let Darkness be Withstood
Blanket me with your Defense
Protect me in the power of Good


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