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Amelia Desmots
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Tribunal and Tribulations

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The Reason


Amelia Desmots is a mysterious woman who knocks on Darryl Morris's doorstep during the crisis of the Old Ones.


While the Charmed Ones are dealing with the crisis of the Old Ones, who have gained the upper hand by taking over their sister Prue, Amelia arrives in New York and knocks on Darryl Morris's door, asking him for help. Darryl is resistant to helping, until he sees the spirit of his old partner Andy Trudeau, who has possessed Amelia's body to return to the physical world in hopes of helping the sisters.

Amelia seems to have a strained relationship with the Charmed Ones. With Darryl's body as the vessel for the sisters, Amelia and Henry serve as distractions while Darryl touches Prue to let her sisters (in astral form) and Andy enter her body, and try to persuade her to stop her acts. When that fails, Amelia tries to stop her alone, but Prue knocks her out with a lightning bolt.

With the sisters all gone, Amelia, Tyler, Ben, Kyra, Kareem, Darryl, and Aidel are left to stop the Old Ones on their own. Amelia wants to suggest killing the Knox Academy students to destroy the seeds in the bodies, which are the connection to the Old Ones, but Darryl argues. Tyler then tells Kareem to destroy the seeds with his power, which will leave the hosts harmless. The idea works and the Old Ones are successfully stopped. Throughout the months, Amelia combines her power with Phoebe's in order to help an amnesiac Paige regain her memory slowly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Mediumship: The ability to see and commune with spirits of the dead. Amelia's power is shown to be stronger than anyone else's, as she could see several spirits that the sisters could not, and project some spirits (e.g. Andy's) onto the physical plane for non-magical mortals, such as Darryl Morris.
  • Levitation: The ability to hover in midair. Amelia showed this power when she extracted Piper, Phoebe, and Paige's souls from their bodies.


Amelia Desmots has appeared in a total of 3 comic issues throughout the franchise.

Season 10
Tribunal and Tribulations
Something Old, Something Prue
The Reason

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