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A structure used in magical and ceremonial events


Good and Evil


An Altar is a structure used in magical and ceremonial rituals. Both the forces of good and evil have been known to use altars. According to Whitelighter rules, witches are supposed to have an altar room.[1] Altars are often filled with tools required in spell casting, such as candles, incenses, athames, fruits, herbs, and potions.

Notable ExamplesEdit

  • Serena Fredrick had an altar at which she performed protection spells.[2]
  • The Rowe Coven abducted an innocent and tied her to an altar surrounded by candles. They intended to have their brother sacrifice her.[3]
  • A group of practitioners gathered around an altar during the equinox. The Charmed Ones later formed a circle around the altar to vanquish Abraxas.[4]
  • The Charmed Ones landed near an altar when the Elders sent them back in time to October 31st, 1670, to preserve their timeline. The sisters later formed a protective circle around the altar to help Charlotte Warren deliver her daughter, Melinda Warren.[5]
  • Cole Turner kept an altar in a hidden room of his apartment.[6]
  • Dantalian used an altar in many of her dark rituals.[7]


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