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Allen Halliwell
Allen Halliwell
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January 13, 1967


Penny Halliwell

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Patrick Cassidy


Allen Halliwell was a mortal who lived in San Francisco. He was the first husband of Penelope Johnson and father of Patricia Halliwell, and thus the grandfather of the Charmed Ones.


Allen had a sister, Janice. Allen and Penny would occasionally send Patty over to Janice's. ("Witchstock")

Penny married Allen sometime in the 1940s. In 1950, he and wife Penny had a daughter, Patricia. ("Pardon My Past")

Penny and Allen
Penny and Allen
By the late 1960s, Allen had come in contact with several hippies and led Penny into that lifestyle. They eventually became important leaders in San Francisco's small community of hippie-witches. In January 1967, Allen helped Penny plan a "magical be-in" at the manor so they could tap into the power of the Nexus, as a precursor to the real-life human be-in planned by Tim Leary (which happened the day afterwards). Allen and Penny didn't know that Penny's best friend, Robin, was really an evil witch who was planning to slaughter all the attendees with her warlock boyfriend, Nigel.

Allen noticed Robin was acting strangely, and followed her into the attic. He found her chanting a spell to unleash evil in the manor. Allen tried to talk her into giving up evil, but Robin replied by killing him with a fireball. Penny flew into a rage at seeing Allen's body, and killed Robin on the spot. Although painful, Allen's death made Penny the relentless demon and warlock hunter that she was while raising her granddaughters.

Allen Death
Allen dies after he gets hit by Nigel's fireball
In 2004, Paige was transported back to 1967 when she put on a pair of Grams' old go-go boots. She walked in on Robin just as she was about to throw a fireball at Allen. Robin ended up dying from one of her own fireballs after Paige knocked her off her feet. Even after finding out what Robin and Nigel were planning, Penny didn't want to use her telekinetic abilities for fighting because of her strong beliefs against fighting and murder. Later, Nigel blinked back in and tried to kill Penny and Piper, but Allen pushed them out of the way — in the process, taking Nigel's fireball for them. Penny was so distraught that she planned on binding her powers, but Piper, Phoebe and Paige convinced her that it was more than acceptable to fight for someone she loved — thus saving their own futures as well.


  • When Paige was transported back in time in Witchstock, Allen, at first, mistook her for his sister Janice, suggesting a very strong familial resemblance.
  • Penny describes Allen's great-grandson Wyatt as "a little" similar to him, which she says is a good thing.
  • Allen's hair color is presumably the reason that Paige's daughters' hair color is red.
  • The Halliwell family tree list Penny's Husband as being Jack Halliwell, not Allen Halliwell.


Allen Halliwell appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 6 -
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