Alexis Raich
Alexis Raich
Actor Information

Alexis Nicole Raich

Birth date

December 10, 1994


Little Piper


Season 8


Forever Charmed


Alexis Raich portrayed little Piper Halliwell in season 8 episode and series finale "Forever Charmed".


Alexis is a junior in high school. She enjoys cheer, theater and fashion. She loves hanging with her friends and reading. Her favorite type of reading is of classics, fairy-tales, and those that relate to fashion. She reads about 50-75 books a year. Alexis has 2 younger sisters and 2 Shi Tzu dogs. Alexis's lifelong passion is acting and hopes that she may be fortunate to continue with it the rest of her life.

Alexis got her first acting job in the "Washington Film Festival" commercial where she played a little girl being a Basketball Announcer while putting her Barbie through the motions as the Basketball Player. She still has the dress from that job because it is a memory of what was, is, and to her, will always be - her passion for acting.


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