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Reckless Abandon

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"I've seen what he can do. I've watched him kill my husband. I won't watch him kill my son."
—Alexandra to Phoebe.[src]

Alexandra van Lewen was the wife of estate owner Gilbert van Lewen and the mother of Matthew van Lewen. The family lived in a mansion on the van Lewen estate in San Francisco along with Gilbert's mother Martha.


In early 2000, Gilbert left their infant son at the San Francisco police station in order to protect him from the evil spirit named Elias Lundy. Elias had been the family's chauffeur and was in love with Martha. She did not reciprocate his love. When he became increasingly obsessed, she feared for her family and lured him out to a large tree on the estate. She then shot and buried him. Elias' spirit returned to exact revenge and began murdering the men of the van Lewen family.

Alexandra argued with her husband over his actions because she did not believe in ghosts. When they were confronted by Elias, he proceeded to kill Gilbert. Meanwhile, Darryl left Matthew in the care of the Charmed Ones, who sought out his family. After another attack, the sisters took her to P3, though she refused to see her son out of fear of leading Elias to him. After Martha killed herself and banished Elias, Alexandra was reunited with her son.


Alexandra van Lewen appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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