Agnes Finney
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Frank Finney (husband)

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Hurricane Hex


Agnes Finney is a minor character in the novel Hurricane Hex. She is a neighbor of Sharon and Ben Grant, and Margaret Olsen. Has a white toy poodle named Poncho, and is widowed since her husband's passing.


Agnes first meets the Halliwell sisters at the Grants' house. She quickly bonds with Phoebe, who has a vision of Agnes disappearing in a blink of an eye during a storm, and does her best to protect her. Agnes doesn't believe in magic and occasionally quarrels with Margaret about her arts.

During a nearing hurricane, Agnes and her dog walk back to their house and immediately disappear, as a result to Margaret's spell to keep the storm at bay—magic and natural catastrophes cause dangerous side-effects when they collide. Once the spell is reversed, Agnes and Poncho reappear and Paige brings them to safety.

Physical description

A petite, demure, and soft-spoken elderly woman.


Agnes Finney has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.