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Agnes Finney
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Frank Finney (husband)

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Hurricane Hex


Agnes Finney is a minor character in the novel Hurricane Hex. She is a neighbor of Sharon and Ben Grant, and Margaret Olsen. Has a white toy poodle named "Poncho", and is widowed since her husband's passing.


Agnes first meets the Halliwell sisters at the Grants' house. She quickly bonds with Phoebe, who receives a vision of Agnes disappearing in a blink of an eye during a storm, and does her best to protect her. Agnes doesn't believe in magic and occasionally quarrels with Margaret about her arts.

In the midst of a storm, Agnes and her dog walk back to their house and immediately disappears, as a result to Margaret's spell to keep the storm at bay—magic and natural catastrophes cause dangerous effects when they collide. Once the spell is reversed, Agnes reappears and Paige brings her to safety.

Physical descriptionEdit

A petite, demure, and soft-spoken elderly woman.


Agnes Finney has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.

Hurricane Hex

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