Agnes was a witch of the Warren Line, the daughter of James Bowen and Iris Sauls. She had two, possibly three, siblings, Philippa and Gregory Bowen, and a third whose name is smudged out on the family tree. With Gordon Russell, she is assumed to be the mother of P. Russell. She died in 1904 from injuries sustained during a battle with the warlock Timothy.


Estranging from Her Family

During the turn of the century (1904 according to chapter 8 of the novel Mirror Image) Agnes and her family became aware of a warlock who was killing innocents and witches in San Francisco. When they narrowed it down to one suspect, Timothy McBride, Agnes said that their suspect could not be the right person. She claimed that Timothy was her long-lost brother, and she protected him from the rest of the family as long as she could.

Finally, after alienating the whole family and creating long-lasting hard feelings, Agnes realized her mistake. When Timothy happened to pass by the mirror, she saw what he really was in the reflection despite his pleasant and beautiful appearance. Timothy had tricked her into thinking he was an estranged brother. Agnes told the family about her mistake, but still refused to tell them where Timothy was hidden. She then went up against the warlock by herself. However, by then, Timothy had become dangerously powerful by draining the powers of his victims. Agnes finally won the battle, even though the injuries she took eventually killed her too. After she vanquished the warlock, the killings stopped.

There was also an entry in the Book of Shadows written by her sister, Philippa, who stated her severe disapproval of Agnes.

The Charmed Ones

When Leo went to speak to her in the Beyond at Phoebe's request, he said he had heard entire ships full of hardcore sailors swear less than she did, and that she actually hit him once. Her family also described her as generally contrary and foul-tempered, though they did acknowledge that her ultimate battle with Timothy must have been a terrible one.

Paige later found a trunk that used to belong to Agnes in the attic, which contained clothes, some old magical tools, and a hand-mirror.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Catoptromancy: The ability to gain insight through the use of mirrors.
Other Powers
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to otherwise lethal powers.

Physical Description

As a ghost, Agnes was described to be old, with small pale-blue eyes, broad shoulders, a ramrod-straight back, and she held her silvered head at an imperious angle. She wore a white blouse with vertical pleats, tucked at her narrow waist into a long, plain black shirt. Her voice was "cold and hard, like a dagger of ice".


Agnes appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the course of the series.


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