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Advanced Telekinesis
Power Information
  • Moving multiple objects using only the power of one's mind
  • Moving objects over vast distances
  • Moving objects whose weight is beyond the strength of an average human being and even beyond other users of basic telekinesis
  • Releasing a wave of telekinetic energy that can cause objects to combust through high pressure.

Anger, Frustration, Wave hand




Offensive Power

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Advanced Telekinesis, as its title states, is an extremely powerful and advanced form of Telekinesis.

Those who possess this power are able to perform feats greater than those who possess only basic telekinesis, such as moving multiple and heavy objects all at once, or move them across vast distances (like Brianna Bowen).

Advanced Telekinesis can also be used to generate a wave of telekinetic energy, capable of causing great destruction and causing objects to explode by putting huge amounts of pressure on them.


Prue HalliwellEdit

When the Charmed Ones visited an alternative future and entered their future selves' bodies, Prue accidentally unleashed a telekinetic blast with a small hand gesture, destroying the attic and causing a large explosion.[1]


Prue's powers become harder to control.

Prue's telekinetic powers were once greatly enhanced by her temporary gained Empathy: she was able to blow up a TV and a part of the ceiling in the Halliwell manor, and in the Crest Psychiatric Hospital, she mentally moved many objects while the entire room was shaking; all of which she did unintentionally without needing to perform a gesture with her hands or eyes. She was also able to throw Vinceres into a wall with great force.[2]

After returning to earth and inhabiting the body of Patience, it was shown that Prue's telekinetic powers had grown to a highly advanced level due to her no longer holding the Power of Three back. She was able to lift a car with her mind, levitate a chalk drawing off its surface, and could even manipulate her chalk drawing of the triquetra along with four crystals into a mini tornado until it finally burst into a smoky explosion.[3]

Cole TurnerEdit

This power was acquired by Cole Turner along with many others while in the Demonic Wasteland. After stealing Cole's powers, Barbas used this power against the Charmed Ones, Leo and Cole, knocking all of them off their feet when he teleported into the attic.

Brianna BowenEdit

Though it was never shown or fully described, Brianna Bowen was said to possess a highly advanced form of telekinesis. She separated a Lord of War from his sword, moving it hundreds of miles away. This was a legendary testament to the strength and precision of Brianna's telekinesis, as Lords of War and their weapons were supposed to be inseparable.

Billie JenkinsEdit

Billie possessed this power while wearing the Golden Belt of Gaea. She used it to free herself from the Crystal Cage.

List of beings who use(d) Advanced TelekinesisEdit

Original power
Through spell, artifacts, power stealing, etc.

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