Adam Prinze
Adam Prinze
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Happily Ever After

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"How can I serve you, my Queen?"
—Adam after being hypnotized.[src]

Adam Prinze was a prospective owner of The Bay Mirror. His family owns several newspapers and TV stations across America, and Cole Turner suggested that he might be interested in the Mirror.


While scouting out the paper, Adam grew fond of Phoebe and her column, and asked her to go to a charity ball at St. Regis, but she turned him down.


Adam being hypnotized.

The Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror, as part of her plan to destroy the Charmed Ones with twisted fairy tales, surprised Adam in the elevator just before the ball. She kissed him, casting a spell to enslave him. He was then ordered to ensure that Phoebe rode in the pumpkin carriage, as Cinderella, and at midnight he was to destroy the pumpkin. However, Cole discovered his plot and stopped him before he could kill Phoebe.


Adam leaving with Phoebe.

After Adam was freed from the witch's spell, he was left alone at the party, showing remorse and holding a Cinderella's glass slipper. Phoebe, revived and well, came and forgave him. What happened between them remained unexplained.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Since Adam remained aware of what happened after he was freed from the witch's control, it is possible that he knows of Phoebe's secret.
  • Adam's surname is derived from "prince", referring to the Prince Charming at the end of a fairytale.

Appearances Edit

Adam Prinze appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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