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Assistant Manager at P3 (Formerly)

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First appearance

Once Upon a Time

Last appearance

Sight Unseen

Portrayed By

Boti Ann Bliss


Abbey is a mortal woman, and the former assistant manager at P3. She developed a fixation with Prue Halliwell because of her beauty, successful career, and the fact that she was loved by men.

History Edit


Sometime after she was hired, Abbey developed an obsession with Prue for her beauty, luck with men, and successful career, since she lacked it all. She began stalking Prue and taking several pictures of her with a camera similar to the ones Prue used. She even went as far as slipping into the manor, smashing all the mirrors, and stealing Grams' necklace and one of Prue's shirts. When Prue walked in on her, Abbey jumped on her back, but Prue telekinetically flung her out the window, allowing Abbey to escape and return later.

The AssaultEdit


Abby dressed as Prue.

Undaunted, Abbey slipped into Prue's darkroom a night later and blinded her with her photographic developing chemicals. She then tied Prue up and planned to kill her so that she could replace her, wearing one of Prue's shirt and a wig of her hair's likeness to that effect. Abbey made the mistake, however, of asking Prue how she managed to throw her out of the window the night before. In good distance of Abbey, Prue responded by flinging her across the basement with her eyes, then untied her hands and fled into a closet in the living room. When Abbey followed her, Prue distracted her by astral-projecting behind her, then tackled her in hopes of running out the door.

However, Abbey shoved a blinded Prue into the wall, forcing Prue to take refuge in the kitchen. Just as Abbey was about to kill Prue, Piper and Phoebe rushed in, and Piper froze the bullet in midair. Prue then flung a still-frozen Abbey into the curio cabinet, incapacitating her before Darryl arrested her. Her position at P3 was then taken by Rachel.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Abbey is the only mortal enemy to have appeared in more than one episode.
  • The blouse Abbey steals from Prue is the one Prue wore in the episode "Be Careful What You Witch For".


Abbey appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.

Season 3
Once Upon a Time
Sight Unseen

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