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A Tale of Two Pipers

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Novel Information
Written by Emma Harrison
Published by Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)
ISBN Number 0-6898-7272-0
Timeline Season 4
Novel Guide
Inherit the Witch
The Brewing Storm

A Tale of Two Pipers is the 24th novel in the Charmed novels series.


Too much work and no time for play have made Piper a major stress case. When a seemingly harmless wish comes true, creating two Pipers, it looks like the problem's solved. Two Pipers can do twice as much work, leaving one Piper to party the night away and the other to finally have time to relax. While one Piper's home baking, the other can give an interview. Two Pipers? Too perfect.

But soon it becomes clear that two heads—and bodies—aren't always better than one. When Darklighters kidnap Leo and hold him hostage in exchange for the Charmed Ones' powers, one of the Pipers doesn't even seem to care. And then both Pipers' powers fade, leaving them useless and sick. Phoebe and Paige scramble to find a reversal spell, but without Leo's help, and with Piper split in two, will the Power of Three become powerless?



This novel is difficult to place in the series continuity because there are so few identifying time markers. However, as Piper is not pregnant, it would have to take place right before the Season 4 finale.

International titlesEdit

  • French: Deux Piper valent mieux qu'une (Two Piper are better than one)
  • Russian: История о двух Пайпер [Istorija o dvuh Pajper] (History About Two Piper)

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