A Glamour to Change One's Appearance
A Glamour to Change One's Appearance
Spell Information

A spell to glamour one's appearance


The Warren Line


Good Magic


A Glamour to Change One's Appearance is a spell in the Book of Shadows. It casts a glamour over another individual to ensure justice is served.


When Cal Greene nearly beat Elise Rothman to death, she was healed by Paige Matthews when the sisters arrived. However, to ensure that Cal would be arrested for his crime, the sisters used this spell to make Elise appear bruised and wounded.[1]


To ensure a future
Mask our friend
see justice


  • The page shown in the comics uses the Morpheus and Mael fonts.
  • The spell has an almost reverse effect to the Vanishing Spell, as Paige Matthews once used it to hide the bruises of Carolyn Seldon instead of making them appear.

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