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Season 1

The last 13 episodes of Season 1 and the first eight episodes of Season 2 of Charmed aired in the United States of America in 1999.

Season One Edit

Season TwoEdit

  • The Charmed Ones celebrate their one year anniversary of becoming witches on the Spiritual Equinox.

("Witch Trial")

  • Grams visits the sisters for the first time from the after life and leaves them a Happy Anniversary message in the Book of Shadows. ("Witch Trial")
  • Piper opens her own Club - P3. ("Witch Trial")
  • The sisters go to the future (2009) after Phoebe has a vision that she will be burned at the stake. ("Morality Bites")
  • Piper meets Dan and starts dating him.
  • The sisters meet Sam Wilder, who later appears to be Paige's father. ("P3 H2O")
  • Birthdays:
    • June 7th Piper Halliwell turns 26
    • August 2nd Paige Matthews turns 22
    • October 28th Prue Halliwell turns 29
    • November 2nd Phoebe Halliwell turns 24
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