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Halliwell History Edit


P. Russell, P. Baxter, and P. Bowen

In the 1920s three cousins lived in the Manor and used it to run a speakeasy, an establishment which illegally sold alcoholic beverages during the period of United States history known as the Prohibition (1919-1933, longer in some states) the establishment also possibly doubled as a getaway for witches.

These three cousins, P. Bowen (Past life of Prue), P. Russell (Evil Past life of Phoebe), and P. Baxter (Past life of Piper, Great Grandmother of the Charmed Ones, and Mother to Penelope Halliwell/Penny/Grams) lived together in the Manor. Also living in the Manor was Gordon Johnson (Past life of Dan Gordon, Husband to P. Baxter, Great Grandfather of the Charmed Ones, and Father of Grams).

Other Events Edit


Nell's Painting

At the same time In the 1920s (strongly believed to be around 1929), a witch named Nell tricked and trapped a powerful warlock named Malcolm into a painting for all eternity so he could not harm anyone else, which turned out to be 70 years.

Later, in 1999 the painting ends up in Buckland Auction House where Prue, Piper and Phoebe, along with Kit the Cat, get sucked into the painting but later vanquish Malcolm and Jane Franklin his warlock-lover.

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