Prescott St House 4
1328 Prescott Street
Location information

San Francisco, California

"Just because we killed the owners here, doesn't mean we should let their food go to waste."
Margo Stillman[src]

1328 Prescott Street is a residence located on Prescott Street, San Francisco, opposite the Halliwell Manor. It is a blue Victorian style building similar to other properties on the street.


The first known residents of this house were the three shapeshifters, Fritz, Cynda and Marshall, who worked on restoring it. A party was held here as a distraction so that Cynda could sneak into the Charmed Ones' home and find the Book of Shadows, but she failed as Prue left the party early.[1]

New owners moved into the house at an unspecified time after the shapeshifters were vanquished. Nothing is known about these new residents, only that they were killed in 2003 by the Stillman Sisters, who needed the house to spy on the Charmed Ones.[2]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Despite the house being opposite the manor, it is not always seen from the attic window.


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